• The Congolese air transport system is not very competitive, organizes itself between the two main international airports (Maya-Maya in Brazzaville and Agostino Neto in Pointe-Noire) and nine domestic aerodromes that allow reaching inside the country: Nkayi, Dolisie, Ouesso, Makoua, Impfondo, Sibiti, Kellé, Gamboma and Owando. The liberalization of the air transport has opened the congolese airspace being on a national and international scale. A third international airport is built in Ollombo in the north of the country.













  • The river transportation in the Republic of Congo is of vital importance for the effectiveness of the transit chain Pointe-Noire - Bangui and also for the economic development of Brazzaville and other locations of the septentrional part of the country. The essence of this traffic is organized starting from the Port authority of Brazzaville with the considerable contribution of the following secondary ports: Mossaka, etoumbi, Owando, Oyo, Lekiti, Mpouya, Bas-Kouilou and Ngabé.